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The Friendship Initiative
This is an actual conversation I had with a complete stranger over Omegle, a website which anonymously and randomly pairs two users together, so they may talk to one another.
You: I want you to know that Friendship is Magic.
Stranger: That's only if you believe in the Power of Friendship.
You: I do. I study its impact on life constantly.
Stranger: That's amazing. Tell me more.
You: Well, my teacher, a princess, didn't like that all I did was keep my nose in my books all day.
You: She sent me to a neighboring town, to make friends.
You: I've made five great ones, and the six of us spend every day together, learning more and more about the Magic of Friendship.
You: My trusted assistant sends my information back to the princess when I complete my reports.
Stranger: Oh really now. That's some interesting sto
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Love Is Love
Her lips and her eyes sparkle throughout the night
I hold her tight while her breathing sounds like a lullaby
Her hair flows like an ocean next to me
While her skin is as soft as can be
It's hard to say when this started
Remembering back, I would have to say that it started on a warm August day
Her lips were warm as they touched me
Lips smooth and sweet 
I remember it was hard to just form one line
Being shy was something I might have been
But now I hold her so tight
Not even caring if this is wrong or right
Let the people say what they will
For my love is the same sex as me
And as long as she is with me
The people's word don't mean a thing
:iconkittyskittles:Kittyskittles 5 8
Me update ^^ by Kittyskittles Me update ^^ :iconkittyskittles:Kittyskittles 9 25




12  I LIVE BECAUSE LIFE. and being not far into it, i don't have much to do yet
13 well, i tend to hold it till i get home
14 don't really know what that means
15 well I have told people, and i have cute socks and im in counciling... etc
16 i dont know bout rock but in pop i have firework, and in alt i have ALL THE SPG!!!!
17 IDK what it means in my situation
18 the people are to busy being racist to notice me...
19 well my mom is heavy christian and she doesn't like it at all... i personlly don't care
20 I want to be a mother of a boy and a girl, because i love kids, however i ave to adopt....
21 what about them? they are people im a people, what are you getting at?
22what career?
23 that it makes me gay.
24 BUNNY BENNETT of steam powered girraffe
25 Me: hi
Him: hi
Me: bye
Him: bye
26 i spent a whoe day at work explaining it to someone so yes.
27 to live happy
28 sleep i guess, maybe talk to someone?
    H- Hyper
    R- Rediculous
    I- Insightful
    S- Somebody
30 Transgender is love
    Love is about a person
    and who they will be


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United States
I am a trangender. If that offends you.... OH POOR BAYBEY, I don't care. however, I'm a writer already, but im average at best, and I sometimes take photos, and someone said that I was good.... so this will be my photography thingermajig! and I'll post some writing too!


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